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As a result of crossing of mares of the Don breed with thoroughbred stallions (especially repeated) horses of different types turned out. In breeding work selection was conducted not only on desirable signs, but also on separate useful signs valuable hozyaystvenno.

Insufficient verkhovost of an exterior, sufficient massiveness and kostistost. General simplicity, dampness of the constitution. Bad quality of paces. Good fitness to conditions cultural contents.

For the third day of triathlon check efficiency of a horse after intense field tests. Competitions take place on an open konkurny field 700-800 meters long. Riders carry out in a certain sequence of 12 jumps through artificial obstacles up to 1,2 meters high and width do3,5 meters.

Creation of horses of desirable type by interpedigree crossing of the Don and thoroughbred riding was conducted at strict selection and selection. For crossing the horses possessing in bright degree desirable signs which needed to be combined in new breed were taken. The most quality horses were selected: thoroughbred stallions of the most massive warehouse, correct exterior and the Don mares, as a rule, more expressed riding warehouse, also massive constitution and the strong constitution. From hybrids enlisted about 10% of mares in the making structure and no more than 5% of stallions. Selection and education sought to fix the large growth, a massive constitution, riding forms, east breed, good levers of the movement and a peculiar red color with golden outflow.

East type. Horses of this type are characteristic rotundity of forms, dryness of the constitution, peculiar east breed and, as a rule, a golden shade of red or bay color. Rather strong constitution is peculiar to them, but in comparison with horses of dense type they are more exacting to feeding and conditions of keeping. Horses of east type are very elegant, have vigorous temperament, are orderly and rather hardy in work.

The oldest type of equestrian sport demanding long-term laborious work of the athlete and a horse. At the trained horse of the movement correct, graceful, harmonious, easy and easy. Horses differ in obedience, obeying the rider, it carries out all exercises easy.

In the presence of the general signs, characteristic for horses of budennovsky breed, within breed distinguish and cultivate some intra pedigree types. The main types which are of great importance for breed development, the following:

Average type. Horses of average type possess good levers, the dry, healthy constitution which is well developed by muscles and average massiveness. Signs of thoroughbred ancestors at them are expressed brightly. This type the bystroallyurnost which is given for breed, good levers and muscles is valuable.

Horses of budennovsky breed of all types possess pronounced lines of an exterior of saddle horses. As a rule, they have dry, the average sizes the head with direct or a little concave profile. Ganasha are normally developed and widely placed. Pristanov of the head the normal. Nape long. A neck long, highly put, quite often curved. Withers high or average, thus rather long. The back rather short, wide and equal, however quite often meets the insignificant is laid in withers. Waist wide, average length, brawny. Croup usually long, normal inclination and width. Shoulder of average length or long, slantwise put. Edges long and roundish. Extremities bony and dry, with well depicted joints and clear the outlined sinews. Grandmas of average length, usually normal inclination. Hoofs of average size, a normal structure, with a strong good horn. The muscles are developed well. It is necessary to carry to the most often found shortcomings of statement and a structure of extremities it is kneaded forward feet, a clubfoot, pickup under a wrist and a pryamovatost of hind legs.

During puberty (from 6-8 to 12-18 month the intensive growth of a body (especially the sizes of a thorax, length a trunk and heights in is observed. By the end of the period energy of growth decreases, to become more rare breath and pulse, temperature decreases, hemoglobin and erythrocytes increase in blood.