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In Denmark the glass industry is well developed. large porcelain plants. Motives of a list of china – a seagull, sailing vessels, packs of wild swans, rural landscapes. Produce not only ware, but also the insulators for lines of a high voltage sent for export to the different countries.

In production of crop production the fodder cultures occupying the main part of cultivated areas prevail. Over arable lands are occupied under grain crops mainly under barley which is used for sagination of pigs and promotes high quality of pork, and also serves as raw materials for production of beer. From other cultures wheat, a rye, oats, potatoes, sugar beet are most widespread. A crop -

(1400 thousand people). Every fourth citizen of the country lives in the capital. In the administrative relation shares on 14 amt (the area; the cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are allocated in independent administrative units.

Denmark, one of the most ancient states of Northern Europe, takes an important key position at the intersection of brisk trade ways from the Baltic Sea in Northern, on the one hand, and between the Central Europe and the Scandinavian Peninsula – with another.

Agriculture of Denmark – one of the front lines in the world on extent of mechanization, productivity and quality of products. One of the most productive branches of economy. The animal husbandry gives 90% of a total cost of agricultural production. On milk, oil and meat per capita. Denmark takes the 2nd place in the world and is one of krupneshy exporters of agricultural production in Europe.

On the level of mechanization of agricultural production of Denmark advances many West European countries. Extent of mechanization of works not only in field husbandry, but also animal husbandry quite high, mainly due to application of the electric power. The agriculture is known high agro-

Direct flights with the capitals of the countries of Europe, USA and Canada are regularly supported. The Danish state along with Sweden and Norway – the participant of one of the largest aircraft companies of the world – "Skandineyvien systems" (SAS). The most considerable airport of the country – Kastrup, is located on the southern suburb of Copenhagen, on the island Amager. It is the large international center of air traffics. About 22 million passengers are served annually.

Danes on ethnogenesis, language and culture have many common features with Norwegians and Swedes, and also with Icelanders and Faroeses, making together with them uniform group of the Scandinavian people. As a part of this group Danes were early issued as the independent nation.

The mechanical engineering long since specialized on release of vessels. Let out sea vessels (5% world export, ship diesels, the equipment for the cement, paint and varnish, brewing and food industry, electric motors, bicycles and motor scooters, transformers, audio-video equipment, devices, medical tools, the COMPUTER, copy equipment, refrigeration units and