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Wizard for class 1 to 5

The nest of the chaffinch represents the deep cup weaved generally from dry blades, thin twigs and a moss. Blades and twigs can make only a basis for walls and a bottom, and all thickness thus can be made of a moss; in other case – a moss as much, how many and blades with twigs, sometimes – blades and twigs prevail. Outside of a nest are revetted with lichens, birch bark, slices of bark and lumps of vegetable down - facing well masks a nest. All construction material is strongly fastened by web threads thanks to what walls get big density. A laying in a nest from feathers, wool, sometimes from fruit stems cuckoo flax.

The arrival of chaffinches begins in the first of April. They start construction of nests and an otkladka of eggs in the first half of May. Nasizhivaniye proceeds 13 – 14 days, approximately as much time bringing up of baby birds in a nest lasts. The departure of young birds is observed in the middle of June. Chaffinches do two layings during the season, and the number of eggs in the second laying are less. Removal of baby birds of the second brood happens from June to August. Flying away - since September to the middle of October.